Tank Fill Calculator and Volume Chart

To use the calculator you need to know the PSI rating of your tank and its capacity in cubic feet (CF). Most tanks will have this clearly marked on the label. For small paintball tanks rated in cubic inches and for carbon fiber rescue air packs rated in minutes, use the tank cubic foot chart below. The chart lists most of the tanks used for filling airguns. You can estimate between sizes if you need to.
Cubic foot (CF) rating of your air tank (from chart below)

Enter an integer or 1-place decimal number from 1.0 to 200
PSI pressure rating of your tank

Choose a value from the dropdown
Actual PSI in your tank

Enter an integer from 500 to 4500 which is less than or equal to the tank PSI rating above
CC of your gun's tank

Enter an integer from 5 to 1000
Fill the gun to this PSI

Enter an integer from 500 and 4500 which is less than or equal to the PSI rating chosen from the dropdown
Fill the gun when it gets down to this PSI

Enter an integer from 500 to 4500 which is less than the PSI value above

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Tank Cubic Foot Chart

carbon fiber scuba scuba paintball paintball scba
4500 PSI carbon fiber 3000 PSI aluminum or steel 3442 PSI steel 3000 PSI aluminum 4500 PSI carbon fiber 4500 PSI carbon fiber
17 CF19 CF80 CF13 cuin=213cc=1.6 CF48 cuin=787cc=8.6 CF30 mins=45 CF
44 CF40 CF100 CF22 cuin=360cc=2.6 CF50 cuin=819cc=9.0 CF45 mins=66 CF
75 CF72 CF120 CF48 cuin=787cc=5.7 CF68 cuin=1114cc=12.2 CF60 mins=87 CF
88 CF80 CF130 CF62 cuin=1016cc=7.4 CF70 cuin=1147cc=12.6 CF 
106 CF  72 cuin=1180cc=8.6 CF88 cuin=1442cc=15.8 CF 
    90 cuin=1475cc=16.2 CF 

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